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Building Permits And Inspection

City of Lakeview Building Permits and Inspections 

Before errecting any fences or permanent signs,beginning any constrution on a residence, business, or other building contact the Lakeview Building Inspector.  Permits are required.  You may download the forms, but the forms must be submitted to the inspector for determination of fees.  Building codes comply with International Building Codes. 

Along with the permit applications the following is required: 

  • Detailed description and plans showing the actual dimensions and  and specifications for alterations or new structures.
  • A set of plans must be provided to City Hall during the application process and the Building Inspector when requested.
  • All provision of applicable ordinances must  be complied with in the erection or alteration of  building or structures. 

Building Inspector – Maynard Gadway

Office: 14 Skyles Lane 

PHONE: (870) 431-8744 x 305 

FAX: (870) 431-8800