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Hiking And Trails

Enjoy nature first hand on one of the many hiking and biking trails in the area.  The closest trails are in the Bull Shoals White River State Park.  This park sits at the convergance of Bull Shoals Lake and the White River, and it's packed with scenic overlooks and trails.  Go ahead, get off the beaten path and see the Ozarks up close!

More Local Trails in and around Lakeview:

  • Big Bluff Trail ~ The first part of this loop trail is a level walk over the remains of the railroad tram constructed by the U.S. Army Corpos of Engineers to bring in steel and lumber from Cotter to construct Bull Shoals Dam.  Once the trail crosses the paved road, it goes up the hillside to an area overlooking the White River, Bull Shoals Dam, and the Ozark hill country.  The trail then leads you through cedar glades, mature deciduous forests, and across streams.  These areas provide excellent habitat for colorful Ozark wildflowers.  The trail is 1 3/4 mile with the trailhead in an open field south of Rent-A-Camp in the Bull Shoals-White River State Park.

  • Dogwood Trail ~ Dogwood Trail is located in the Corps of Engineers Park in Lakeview and is 2.9 miles, an out and back trail with minimal elevation.   
  • Big Spring Park Trail ~ Minutes down the road in Cotter, Arkansas, the Big Spring Park Trail follows the eastern bank of the White River.  This is a 2.75 mile trip that does not loop.   
  • Lakeside Trail ~ Constructed in 1979 by the Young Adult Conservation Corps, this lop trail offers relatively easy walking.  Bull Shoals Lake, combined with the Ozark plant and animal life, makes the trail an ecosystem in itself.  Any season of the year, even in the deepest winter, a surprise awaits you around each corner.  Eagle Point and Titmouse Alley provide excellent habitat for bird watching.  Bald eagles, waterfowl, and gulls are often seen from Eagle Point in winter.  During spring, summer, and fall over 90 species of migrating and summer resident songbirds populate the area.  Located at the east end of Lakeside Picnic Area in Lakeview; 1 mile in length.
  • Rush mountain Trail ~ Don't miss this!  This .5 mile looped trail visits the old 1880's zinc ore mines and is located near the old town of Rush, a must see!       
  • Hidden Hollow Wildflower Trail ~ The short trail traverses a fragile woodland wildflower area.  In early spring it is full of delicate wildflowers including spring beauty, trilium, dwarf larkspur, swee anis, pales corydalis, mayapple, and many more.  (Please stay on the marked trail and do NOT pick or remove wildflowers.) To get to the trailhaed, you must cross a wooded area with no clearly marked trail; look for the large sign approximately 50 feet into the wooded area.  Be aware of ticks and chiggers in this area.  Located behind campsite #103 at the Bull Shoals-White River State Park and is approximately 100 yards in length.

  • Bluebird Trail ~ Not a traditional trail, this collection of bluebird houses through the campground is a flurry of activity each spring and summer as eastern bluebirds use these home to raise their you.  Walking the grassy lawn area from houe to house and enjoying the nesting and feeding behaviors of these birds is very rewarding.  Located behind the Visitor Center and approximately 2 miles in length.
  • Oakridge Mountain Bike Trail ~ Constructed by the Bull Shoals-Lakeview Rotary Club, this multi-use trail offers both hikers and mountain bikers access to remote areas of the park.  The trail traverses the oak-hickory upland forest for a uniques walking or riding experience; expect creek crossings, dirt roads, open meadows, long downhills and taxing uphills.  The loop trail allows users to choose from two levels of diffulty.  Counterclockwise, the trail is moderately easy marked with green blazes.  Clockwise, leading up the mountain, it becomes moderately difficult marked with blue blazes. Trailhead located in an open field area south of Rent-A-Camp in Bull Shoals-White River State Park.  Length: 2-4 miles. Rental bikes are available at the Camper Registration Center in the park.